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"This was our home. We were all wanderers, travellers to the core, and we were in our element: a lone road, a mission, new places and spaces to witness and explore. We were kindred spirits seeking an unfiltered glimpse, however brief, into the heart of the moment. We were each seeking the unfamiliar, chomping at the bit to feel, to connect with the world around us."

- From the Dogs of Nam. COMING 2018!


I don't know much about anything, but I do know that few things teach you about life like travel. Chaos and confusion and awkwardness all ebb and flow alongside wonder, and peace, and heart-stopping awe. The Road, for better or worse, is a proving ground, a place to learn and grow and love and fall apart. 

That's why I travel.

And that's why I want to share these stories.


The Dogs of Nam is a collection of short stories from the past decade of my travels. Part clueless comedy, part poetic discombobulation, all true. It fumbles its way through life as a budget backpacker, illuminating the lessons I've learned along the way. From being stalked by a jaguar in Costa Rica to nearly shitting my brains out on safari, The Dogs of Nam will, at worst, entertain you, and at its best it will prod you into an adventure of your own.