Ethical Travel for the Budget Adventurer

That's how I would sum up Lessons Learned Abroad, I think. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for adventure...but I'm also all for sustainability and saving money. I'm also a big fan of minimizing I'll #YOLO with the best of them, but only after I do some research and am relatively sure I wont die. I guess I'm just a look before you leap kinda guy. Reasonable, right? 

Soooooo, where to begin?

Back in 2005 or 2006 (my memory is horrible) I went on my first real trip. I spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica doing some volunteer work and exploring the incredibly beautiful sights that country had to offer. It was an amazing trip, and really got me wondering about what other beautiful sights (and potential adventures!) were waiting out there in the wild blue yonder. A couple years later, after mostly finishing university, I went off to Japan where I spent a few months living at a monastery, which to this day is one of the most amazing things I have ever done.

Fast-forward a decade and I've been back to Japan – twice – where I climbed Mount Fuji and island hopped in Okinawa. I've ridden the Trans-Siberian 9000km across Russia, Mongolia, and China. I've walked 800km across Spain on The Camino. I've wandered the Banana Pancake Trail and been in a bus accident in Rome. After 10 years of off-and-on travel I've been to around 30 countries – and I plan to see a lot more before I kick the ol' bucket.

These days, I call Sweden my home. When I'm not backpacking around I am liking reading, writing, hiking, or playing chess...all while planning my next adventure...whilst trying to figure out how to pay for it...whilst trying to convince Christine to join me on it.

Oh right, Christine. She's here too...though usually in a hilariously Karl Pilkington-esque mood. We first travelled together back in 2012, from Germany to China, over a 2 month journey that ended on the beautiful beaches of Hong Kong. It was love at first adventure, and we haven't looked back since. Or, I haven't at least. She has, though. And often. Our 4 month trip around South East Asia wasn't kind to her digestive track, and our 30 day hike across Spain destroyed her feet. I've also dragged her bungee jumping and white water rafting and canyoning...much to her (hilarious!) displeasure.

So where will I drag her next? I guess we will have to wait and see...

Thanks for stopping by, friends <3

She wasn't too thrilled about this 25m waterfall...

She wasn't too thrilled about this 25m waterfall...