Walking The Camino: Zubiri to Cizur Menor

Day 3.  

I am walking alone today. Christine's blisters got the better of her and she was forced to take the bus from Zubiri to Cizur Menor, our next destination. This serves as a stark reminder of 2 things for anyone considering a walk along The Way: 

1. Break your shoes/boots in very thoroughly

2. Know how to manage and treat blisters. 


Blisters on the Camino de Santiago.

Christine accidentally took off her bandage (compeed) early, tearing away a few layers of skin and leaving a rather gruesome mess on the back of both her heels. Unable able to walk, I trek onward alone.

Blisters on t  he Camino de Santiago.

The walk itself isn't terribly taxing in comparison to the terrain of days previous, though the day provides it's own challenges. My body is sore - my shoulders are tender, my hips ache, my knees are straining from the constant up and down of hills, and while I don't have any blisters (yet) my feet are tired and sore.

But for me, dealing with these things doesn't provide the greatest challenge of the day. For me, the hardest part of my Camino is remembering that it is not a race. There is something to be learned from pushing yourself, it's true, but there is just as much to learn from taking it slow.

I strive to remember my destination is not Santiago, or even the coast beyond. My destination is merely here, and now, in this very moment.

What else is there? 

Strolling through Pamplona

Strolling through Pamplona