Responsible Blogging and Ethical Travel

I recently read a blog post promoting Atlanta. “3 Reasons To Visit Atlanta” or something equally as benign. Since I had absolutely no reasons to visit Atlanta I took a peek. Maybe Atlanta held some intriguing, culturally-magnificent something that I was missing out on. So I looked. 

I was both shocked and disappointed at the suggestions. Or, at least 2 of them. The third suggestion was to visit a Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site and I can get behind that, no problemo.

But the first two? Visit a giant aquarium with captive whale sharks and dolphin show. Next? Go to the Coca-Cola HQ across the street.


Really?? Supporting the unethical capture and performance of beautiful, intelligent creatures is your “thing to do” in Atlanta? Dolphins are large-brained animals that live in complex societies. Like us, they have emotions and personalities. Keeping them locked up for our amusement is nothing short of immoral. Promoting such a thing on ones travel blog? Irresponsible and uninformed.

And as for Coke? They have been hoarding India's groundwater and polluting the land since time immemorial. Police have even beaten citizens who protest – and not just in India. Coke has been accused of over-polluting in a handful of countries around the world. By no means is it the happy-go-lucky company we in the West are led to believe. 

Everyone should be skeptical when it comes to travel advice. That being said, people look to travel bloggers for advice when it comes to travel. Let's make the sure advice we give is ethical and informed.